Since 7 July the Museum of Cosmonautics and the House-Museum of Academician S.Korolyov can be visited only by guests who have a QR-code valid on the date of visit, which is required to be presented at the entrance along with an identity document (for visitors over 18 years old), and children under 14 accompanied by adults with a QR-code. Children aged 14–18 can visit our museum without QR-code and unaccompanied. We also remind you to buy your tickets in advance on our website. For everyone's safety please wear a face mask. We are very glad to see you and want to make your visit as comfortable as possible!

18 May — 10 December 2021

1960s. Moscow space

The Museum of Cosmonautics

Today the Museum of Cosmonautics is the only museum in Moscow region that collects, keeps and popularizes material relics that are connected to the history of space exploration.